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How to find the perfect Photo for your new Blog

As they say.... a picture is worth a Thousand words! Make your Blog post exciting and more enjoyable to read with Royalty Free Images

We all know the old saying a picture is worth a Thousand words and that has never been truer than when it comes to your Blog Posts.

A Blog post with out a picture is dull and simply boring, un likely to get read and plain un inspirational. It's abit like going to work with no pants on - it may be mildly amusing but's just not a good idea :) 

But wait don't just race off and a do a Google search and steal the first image you see.
That's a fast track to a law suit.

There's actually a much better way.

Royalty Free images exist and there are great Photo libraries out there with great search features that make it easy to find the perfect image.....and for about a £1 a photo you can stay out of court. 

My personal favourite is  as they have a great range of photos, great prices

If you need to find the perfect Photo.... Check out  123rf

Here are POWs Top Tips for picking great Photos for your Blog Posts

1) Methophorically Speaking
Pick a photo that sums up whatever the Blog Post is about. For example this post is about choosing the Righ Photo so I chose to go with a woman surrounded by lots of photos. Hey it's a metaphor but you're here reading I must have done something right?

2) People
People buy from people and studies have shown that people are more inclined to click when it's a photo of people rather than a inanimate object.

Further to that... one of my favourite saying is

People buy from people... people buy from people they like... people "like" people "like them"

eg: If it's a website about Poodle lovers, then photos of people loving their Poodles will probably drawn in Poodles lovers very effectively. Think "People" and always think about what's going on in the mind of your customer. Are they worried stressed... happy or sad? Your photo should try and tell a story and speak to the person reading your blog.


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