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Ultimate Marketing Success

Learn the 7 steps that Guarantee you’ll make money & create Raving fans for your Brand.

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Marketing is MUCH Easier than you think

Here at POW we often have clients turn up on our door talking about all the marketing wastage & problems they face in making their marketing work.  They say things like

“….it doesn’t matter how much I spend I just can’t seem to bring the right kind of clients”. 


“… I put an ad in the local  paper, but I got no sales”


“I tried Ad words, Bing,  nothing seems to work”….

….and basically they are just spending a fortune trying to attract customers to their offerings.

We’re always amazed.

Really? We say  “But Marketing is easy!”  Then we’ll take one look at their website or sales literature and suddenly it will all become clear.  

Either they’re wasting money putting the right messages out all in the wrong places or they’re in the right places but just not communicating effectively to their target market, with heir messaging being way of kilter with no benefits being communicated at all.

7 Easy Steps to Succesful Marketing

It doesn’t have to be this way. Because Marketing is easy.

My favourite book on Marketing ever – is called the “Gorillas Want Bananas”.  It is a brilliant book because the title said it all… see you don’t have to sell a Banana to a Gorilla  - right? 

The Gorillas want Bananas!

This type type of Lean “targeted” Marketing – where we put a Unique Value Proposition (the Banana) in front of the Psychographic Profile of the Idea client (the Gorilla) makes for extreme targeting and also very clear benefit communication messaging.

The Key Benefits are:

  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Greatly reduced marketing spend
  • Increased ROI
  • Putting Marketing on Auto pilot
  • Increased Sales

This 7 Step Process makes it a simple as putting Gorillas in front of Bananas.

Watch the Video above and discover the easy 7 Step Process of the Ultimate Success Formula.    

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