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Expert Consultancy

How would you like to double or even “quadruple” your Profits in the next 6 months?

Do you Want to be successful in online marketing?  If you do, then you need an Expert Guide...
The Secret to creating a Successful internet marketing strategy is to first take the time necessary to PLAN it all out correctly from the very outset, BEFORE you spend any money.
“People don’t plan to fail... they fail to plan.”
It’s all in the Strategic planning. 
You already know it would be truly foolish to attempt to go “Mountain climbing” without investing in thorough preparation before hand, without having the right equipment and you certainy wouldn’t set off without the right “guide map”.  
Without these essential things, you’ll realistically FREEZE, get lost or die long before reaching the summit.
Make sure you plan to take the EASY Route
If you did truly wish to be guaranteed to successfully reach the summit, by the fastest, easiest route - then you’d take Expert advice, you’d also obviously pack all the right equipment & take all the expert gear - correct? 
And I bet you’d also definitely like to have someone that’s been up the mountain 1,000’s of times before to “Guide You safely up”  mainly because they know the safest, quickest, easiest route 
- Right?
Internet marketing is no different.
You see you really DO Need to have all different Internet Marketing elements in place and all interconnected and a well defined sales funnel (the website is just the beginning) in place before you even worry about spending any money on driving people into that sales funnel. 
Marketing Consultancy
At POW we’re like your very own Internet Marketing “Sherpa Tensings.”  We make it easy for you to Succeed in Internet marketing.  Why?  Because we know the systems & can do all the heavy lifting for you. Plus we’ve done it 100’s of times before. 
How the POW Consultancy Works
  • We’ll meet with you learn all about your Business then we work with you to develop an effective Online Marketing Strategy - This will include clear objectives & concise metrics. 
  • We’ll conduct Market research to define the KEY Online Benefit Communications” – messages that reach out and really speaks your Target market
  • We then either create a NEW high conversion website or fix problems in your existing website on your behalf. Focusing on capture & conversion.
  • We then set up the whole Automated Marketing system (email auto responders & blog) & link all your social accounts for you.
  • We will next hand hold you through the launch & support is provided every step of the way to ensure the strategy is implemented correctly.
  • You receive monthly reports on the agreed metrics, showing the progress of the campaign through tangible results.
Internet Marketing Training
Additionally you & your team can also receive thorough training on how to best utilise Internet marketing for maximum success 
Connect & Integrate all your Online Campaigns
Post once. Have content appear very where (….and to their friends) Connect your blog post to Facebook, create RSS feeds, post a Video to You Tube and have it go out as Tweet, etc, etc

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