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About Pow New Media

Who are we? Hmm interesting question.

Take a moment to discover the enigma, the riddle, the mystery... that is more commonly known as POW New Media.
OK, well (cough, cough) we’re a pleasant, talented, fun, young (ish) bunch of creative individuals, who really enjoy what we do - which is probably also why we’re also very good at it. 
At POW we have one singular purpose and that is to spend our days: 
“Helping businesses (owned by people that we like) - to Make more Money!”
For us it’s easy,  but that’s because we have some 20 years of experience in online marketing & because we do it daily, day in day out. 24/7  x 365 days a year.
Why the Name “POW” ???
Well, we called ourselves POW because we like to deliver ad campaigns, web sites & visual communications with that hard hitting “POW”  type of impact! You know like the Batman cartoon punch that goes “Wham” “Ka-POW” or “Ka-Blam”
- but we just thought Kaa-Blam was just TOO hard to spell. 
So POW we are!
How we can help you.  Our Goals
Our goal is to help businesses owned by people (that we like) to utilise the internet to clearly communicate what they do as effectively as possible.  We’re experts in “online benefit communications”.
We help businesses that offer Great service & Good quality work for their own clients. 
In summary: We like to work with people just like us. 
We offer a personalised “Internet Marketing” consultancy & Web services – all that delivers Results for the good guys

Contact us TODAY for a chat about how we can help you grow your business online

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