Google Number 1 for SEO

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    Be found first in Google

    Fact :  The person who is found, the guy in the Number 1 position, IS getting ALL the Business.  They’re laughing right now. Because they’re just getting richer and richer every day. While your business is missing out on all those valuable Customers!
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    Your very own SEO EXPERTS

    POW New Media are quite literally  SEO young  “Guns for Hire”. Our Expert SEO Team will meet with you, conceptualise your unique SEO strategy and then we’ll unleash our SEO Professionals  loose… to kick some serious SEO ass!
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    SEO Analysis & Strategy

    We Analysis & Research your Business to create a Clear strategy to BLOW your COMPETITION out of the water! We simply use Reverse engineering to beat your rivals. We take the Key elements that Work in their Strategies and apply them to Yours. Adding our Expert knowledge along the way. 
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    On site SEO Optimisation

    We need to make Google think you’re the number 1 expert for certain keywords. We do this by:  
    • Increasing keyword prominence by editing existing content
    • Bolding  texts adjustment (Google looks for Bolded texts)
    • H1-h3 tags Keyword insertion/adjustment 
    • Title Tags optimisation & Alt tags optimisation
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    Off page Optimisation

    • We’ll build themed “one way” links from relevant web sites 
    • Post Articles to Article directories 
    • Submit posts to any relevant Forums websites
    • Submissions to popular and established web directories
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    Progress & Reporting

    You need to see Progress. At POW we track Positions Daily. You’ll receive a Through SEO & Ranking report every month outlaying: 
    • What you paid for & what was done. 
    • What the results have been
    • What the plan for the coming month is...