Utilise Adwords to massively increase your PROFITS

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    Be No 1 in Google Search –

    Imagine being number one TODAY!  Imagine getting all those juicy customers. Oh yeah baby...  Adwords absolutely Rocks alright. It’s Fast & it’s Extremely Effective  
    Umm, well it is... IF you Know what you’re doing that is, because done poorly – Ouch!  It could also drain your marketing budget in the blink of an eye. 
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    Choose POW for Pay Per Click

    That’s why you need POW’s Pay Per Click services, because we’re Adwords Experts. 
    You see Pay-Per-Click is enormously effective & profitable – but only when it is done the right way. 
    Our clients on average see a massive 400 – 800% return on Investment. month in month out. Nothing but 1,000’s of new customers and MASSIVELY increased profits – cha-ching. Nice!
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    Pay-Per-Click Experts

    POW aims to help companies do Pay-Per-Click exceptionally well. 
    We’re the Adwords Experts - so you don’t need to be.
    Our Pay-Per-Click experience spans multiple industries, audiences and budget sizes. We design and implement Advanced strategies or turn around existing dud campaigns. 
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    Pay-Per-Click Strategy & Planning

    We’re different because we do it all!  From Campaign set up & Structure right through to creating Keyword Specific high Conversion Landing Pages.
    POW’s strategy and planning process involves all facets including:
     Keyword research, Advanced campaign structure, Content Network & Search Campaign development, audience targeting, ad creative development, ROI analysis and forecasting, and we even build Conversion increasing Landing pages.
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    EXPERT Pay-Per-Click Management

    Of course, even the best laid plans could quickly be rendered completely useless without our proactive, ongoing Monthly Expert campaign management.  
    POW’s team of PPC pros continually develop campaigns to meet and exceed your company’s performance & ROI goals. 
    Using performance reports & powerful Web analytics, POW is able to identify both threats & opportunities and immediately make adjustments to ensure of your ongoing success.
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    PPC/ROI Reporting & Analysis

    A key benefit to PPC advertising, beyond the precision & control, is the amazing amount of measurability. 
    With our Expert monthly Reporting & Analysis, POW is able to provide not only the right data, but also makes sure you get the right amount of data in order to facilitate effective ongoing PPC account optimisation. 
    Clients are provided with comprehensive measurements on performance and ROI, tying both to the company’s initiatives and Sales goals.