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  • We get 800% ROIâ¨â¨

    oqu We’re very happy with POWs Adwords account management. POW shows us (on average) somewhere between 630% – 800%  (ROI) Return on Investment on our Adwords spend every month. So Yes. I think they’re great. Our monthly budget...? Up to £17,000 per month oqu
    Mike Edwards
    Marketing Manager - Business
  • 1200% Profit increase â¨â¨

    oqu Thanks to POWs help Novi Construction within the next year...  we are set to be London largest Domestic Construction Company   “Pow new Media has generated us over an extra  1200% increase with their new website, videos & their expert online marketing expertise in the last year. We love POW. Thank you, thank you thank you oqu
    Rokas Milonas
    Owner - Novi Construction
  • Tripled our monthly Sales (300%)

    oqu POW New media drove us an extra £30,000 worth of extra sales with use of Social Media. They’re awesome. oqu
    Tom Dyer
    Partner - EBS London
  • I love my new E-Commerce Shop

    â¨â¨Kitroom Monkey provide film & video Equipment at Ealing Studios. He says:

    oqu POW are brilliant. You have truly over delivered. I love the website. Very nice.⨠I could not be happier. oqu
    Owner - Kitroom Monkey
  • Created a beautiful Web 2.0 website

    oqu POW New media designs beautiful websites and I love working with them, lovely guys.  Iâve recommended them to a number of my clients. 10 out of 10. Utilise their services. I canât recommend them highly enough. oqu
    Kevin Wright
    Partner - Leftley Rowe Accountants
  • PsychoGraphic Profiling Rocks!

    Rasmus Berquist owns the Worlds largest Bar tending training School. Turnover⨠is circa £1.4 million, with global branches in UK, London, Oz, Thailand, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, etc, etc... so he really knows his stuff. â¨After a 3 day session in Stockholm he says:  â¨â¨

    oqu I would definitely recommend POW to everyone I  know oqu  – Nice! 
    Rasmus Berquist
    Owner - European Bar School

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